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Careers Overview Yrs-7-11 2021-22

The aim of Careers Advice and Guidance at Paignton Academy is to help every student be informed and aware of all of their different progression options as well as help them to recognise and develop their employability skills, career and job aspirations and be equipped and prepared as possible for when they leave school.

The school has a careers Policy and Careers Overview, both of which are reviewed annually. The Careers Overview shows all the activities undertaken throughout the academic year, including events and enrichment activities.

Please click below to find out what the Careers Department will deliver to each Year Group during the 2021/2022 Academic Year. 

Careers Overview Years 7-11 2021-2022

Click below to access the BET Board Minutes (March 2020) with regard to Partnership Progress: BET/SDC Careers Update:

Board Minutes


Development Plans

Please click below to access the Careers Development Plan for 2020 – 2021

Development Plan 2020-21

Please click below to access a review Careers Development Plan for 2020 – 2021:

Review of 2020 – 2021 Development Plan

Please click below to see the latest CEIAG Review document:

CEIAG Review February 2020

Click below to see the CEIAG Review Summary April 2021:

CEIAG Review Summary April 2021

Destination Data

Schools collect information on intended destinations and pass it on to local authorities, so that the local authorities can fulfil their requirement to ensure students have an education or training placement for the September after they finish key stage 4. This is recorded on the National Client Caseload Information System (NCCIS) for the Department for Education and for local authorities.

Destination Data 2020

CEIAG Policies

Careers Education Policy  

Provider Access Policy


Staffing Structure

Careers Organisation Structure 2021
  • Mike Freeman – Board Trustee with oversight of Careers Education
  • Tim Willcocks – SLT Link
  • Laura Hay – Careers Lead
  • Christine Atkey – Careers Assistant 

External Advisers

  • Darren Baker – CSW Guidance Adviser
  • Dan Newman – TDA Industry Business Adviser