Work Experience


Work Experience/Placements

Why do Work Experience?

Work Experience provides an opportunity for students to undertake full time work, in an environment that differs significantly from that of school.  The purpose of Work Experience is not necessarily for students to decide upon the career which they wish to pursue; instead the emphasis is on working in the ‘real world’ and understanding how organisations operate, as well as working with different people and having the opportunity to try something new and interesting.

Work Experience at Paignton Academy

The Academy will now select those students who have demonstrated through an application form willingness, understanding and enthusiasm to take part in Work Experience.  The same application process will also apply to those pupils who find their ‘own placement’ and out of county placements.   Students will start their applications in Year 10 (July) and will take part in a week of work experience when they are in Year 11 (December).

Help and support from family members and staff is encouraged.  However, it is important that students complete the form themselves as this is a valuable part of the Work Experience Programme and will help to develop their understanding and ability to complete future job/ course application forms.

Legal Requirement

The law requires that checks are made on all placements with regard to Health & Safety and Insurance.  In the event of the schools external party not endorsing a placement, the pupil will NOT be permitted to attend.  If the student does not attend an endorsed placement, or does not come into school they will be marked with an unauthorised absence.  We will of course contact and advise you, should this apply to your child’s placement.


Work Experience 2018 will take place from the 10th – 14th December 2018

Please click on the relevant link to download the following documents:


Work Experience Letter 2018
Work Experience Application Form 2018
Work Experience Launch PowerPoint
How to find a Work Experience Placement PowerPoint 2018
Finding your own Work Experience Placement – Letter to Parents 2018
How to ask for a Work Experience Placement 2018
Work Experience Parent Consent Form 2018
Own Placement Employer Form 2018
Download this guide which is a helpful tool when finding a Work Placement:
How to Write a CV Guide


Students who do not have a work placement will be expected in school for their normal lessons.

For further information please speak to a member of staff in the Careers Office situated on the Borough Road site, opposite the Staff Room.