Writing a Personal Statement

Your Personal Statement should be approximately one A4 page, typed or hand written.  Personal statements include the following elements:


  • What kind of person you are.
  • Your talents/ Subjects you are good at.


  • In school activities.                                              
  • Out of school activities.
  • Your skills.
  • Your responsibilities.  
  • Achievement.              


  • Your goal(s)/ aims (s).


Remember don’t just list, if you give 3 or 4 descriptive words use the right punctuation and back up your reasoning, for example:

I am a caring, thoughtful, conscientious and  hard-working person. This is demonstrated though my volunteering work for a local vets.’ 



  • Should be easy to read.
  • Use paragraphs.
  • Correct punctuation and spelling is very important.
  • If using a PC make sure the wording is aligned.
  • Check double check and check again!!!

Here is an example of a good specimen Personal Statement: