Recruitment Agencies

Organisations employ recruitment agencies to find suitable people for their vacancies.  They may specialise in temporary work, permanent work or specific sectors.

Agencies can be useful to help you find jobs that aren’t advertised to individuals online or in the press.  They take a fee from the company that hires you, so they should be motivated to find you a role.

When choosing which agencies to approach, check their websites to see if they have the type of vacancies you’re interested in.  You can sign up with more than one agency – this way you’ll get access to more jobs.

When using an agency:

  • ask if they commonly deal with vacancies in the kind of work you’re looking for;
  • treat an interview with the agency like an interview with an employer;
  • ask for feedback if you’re not placed in a job;
  • keep in touch with the agency regularly and let them know your availability;
  • be open to temporary work if you can, even if you’re looking for permanent work, as temporary jobs can lead to permanent work;
  • depending on the job, the agency might check your typing speed, your ability with computer packages and your spelling accuracy.

You can search for agencies dealing in vacancies in your industry and in your local area.  Click below to access some local recruitment agencies to get you started:


Gap Recruitment

Wise Employment

Job Shop