‘Rapid Revision’ Workshops

During July the Academy were fortunate enough to welcome Presenter James Sherwood from the company MADE Training into the Academy to talk to all our Year 10 Students. 

The Workshops were called ‘Rapid Revision’ and they introduced students to powerful revision techniques which they can use and adapt for their subjects in the upcoming GCSE examinations next Summer.  

The Workshops were well received by the students who were engaged throughout the sessions.  When surveyed they said:

Did you enjoy today’s Workshop? – 99% of students said that they did.

Was the content useful to you? – 98% of students said it was.

Will you be using the techniques yourself? 98% said that they would.


Here are a few quotes of the day made by students:

“It inspired me to do mindmaps and revision.”

“It gave me better confidence for my GCSEs.”

“It has shown me a new way to revise.”

“I feel inspired to try out these new techniques.”

“It showed that there are loads of ways for revision.”


If you would like to know more about the revision techniques covered by MADE Training, click on the link below: